Like a Phoenix: Episode #49

10 01 2011

After a brief hiatus The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast is back!! With this return The Warriors’ discuss the debacle that is Spider-Man: Turn of the Dark, the Five Ronin teasers images, and of course Fear Itself.  The book of the week was Avengers #8.  In individual reviews Ben makes a bold move with Secret Warriors #23, Kuhan umm goes with Ultimate Spider-Man #151, Arnold reminds us of Laura with X-23 #4, and Tazer uses the hot tub time machine with What If #200. Thank you for listening and be sure to spread of word of The Mighty Warriors Three, see yall next time!!!!

Listen Here




4 responses

15 01 2011

When will you be back on itunes?

15 01 2011

Soon. I’m working on getting everything fixed.

23 01 2011

Hey Kuhan, Anymore Flash Podcasts coming???? Othwise keep up the good work!!!!

24 01 2011

Maybe if Prime decides that he wants to edit them, but I have to much on my plate to keep going.

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