In Memorial: Episode #56

28 02 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this solemn episode of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. In this weeks discussion, The Warriors give their thoughts on Dwayne McDuffie’s passing, Nick Spencer taking over Secret Avengers, and some Fear Itself talk. The Book of The Week was a trip into another timeline, with X-Men: Legacy #245. In individual reviews, Ben breaks out the sad music with Amazing Spider-Man #655, Bryan is somewhat delighted with Avengers #10, Tazer says goodbye to the final issue of FF with Fantastic Four #588, and Arnold tries to fix something with Invincible Iron Man #501. In Bonus Talk, The Warriors give their brief thoughts on Secret Avengers #10, X-Men #8, and Thor #619. In a bonus segment, Arnold’s roomates give their thought’s on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. In our Vs. of The Week, the warriors pit Mocking Bird against Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), who will they will win? Thank you for listening, and see yall NEXT WEEK LIVE FROM SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, some added bloopers after the end theme 😉

Listen Here




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