The Gauntlet Is Thrown: Episode #59

25 03 2011

Welcome to this windy edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. The Warriors, gather around to discuss some tidbits from C2E2, Brian Michael Benids and Mark Bagley’s new creator owned series Brilliant, Greg Rucka taking over Punisher and Mark Waid taking over Daredevi, plus Ben throws down the Infinity Gauntlet against a certain “Daken fan.” The book of the week opens the door to Fear, with Fear Itself: Book of The Skull #1. In individual reviews, Ben brings justice to Feudal Japan with 5 Ronin #3: Punisher, Bryan goes Crossgen with Ruse #1, and Tazer goes back to the 90’s with Thunderstrike #3. In our Vs. of The Week, the Warriors pit Dr.Strange Vs The Mandarin. Be sure to tune in next week, as The Warriors become futurist with FF #1 as our BOTW. See yall next time!!!!!!!

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