DIE MUTANTS DIE: Episode #62

20 04 2011

Welcome to another Uncanny edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. Long time warrior Arnold make his return to the show, as Chris makes his second appearance on the show. The Warriors gather around to discuss, the new costume for Ultimate Spider-Man costume, Deadpool getting a rookie director, and the possibility of X-Men: First Class sequels. The Warriors venture to Utopia as the Book of The Week was Uncanny X-Men #535. In individual reviews Arnold gives us our Age of X update with X-Men:Legacy #247, Ben prepares the coffin for Secret Warriors #26, and Chris makes a  deal with the devil with Journey into Mystery #622. In Bonus Talk, the Warriors give their thought’s on Ultimate Avengers Vs New Ultimates #3, Ultimate Spider-Man #158, Amazing Spider-Man #658, Uncanny X-Force #7, and New Avengers #11. In our Vs. of The Week the warriors head to the jungle for Kraven The Hunter Vs Sabertooth. With Easter upon us, The Warriors are taking a week off, SEE YOU IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen Here




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