Let’s Get Retarded: Episode #63

3 05 2011

Welcome to a retarded edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. Guest W.West joins us once again as The Warriors discuss Marvel animation on Netflix streaming, and Marvel announcing their MMO and it’s ramification for DCUO. The Warriors pick up their hammers as The Book of The Week was The Mighty Thor #1. In individual reviews, Ben is prepared for the machine with Avengers #12.1, W.West is not feelin the love for Laura with X-23 #9, and Tazer is curious about Dragon Man with FF#2. In Bonus Talk the Warriors discuss Venom #2 and Thunderstrike #5. In our Vs. of The Week pits Magneto Vs Graviton. Thank you for listening and we shall see you all next week!!!!!!!!

Listen Here




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