Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri On Incredible Hulk #1: SDCC 2011

25 07 2011

Starting this October Jason Aaron (Wolverine, X-Men:Schism) will team with Top Cow CEO Marc Silvestri for a  new Hulk #1. Now while Greg Pak just concluded his five year run on the character, I believe that Jason Aaron is the perfect man for Hulk. Jason Aaron maybe the most diverse writer in comics, each of his books have their own unique style that it’s hard to believe it’s from the same guy. Whether it’s making you feel sorry for Frank Castle, having a fun romp with Spider-Man and Wolverine or ripping apart the X-Men the man can deliver a fantastic story. Now here is my concern though, why is Marc Silvestri the artist for this book? Now don’t get me wrong I love the characters he has created and his style, but why not give  the book to a younger artist? I would have chosen Stuart Immomen, but I’m sure he needs down time after Fear Itself.  We’ll find out if magic can be created this October with Incredible Hulk #1.




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