Political Incorrectness: Episode #73

8 08 2011

Welcome to this politically incorrect edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. Johnny V is back in black as he joins his fellow warriors to discuss the new Ultimate Spider-Man, the web shooters being a part of the Amazing Spider-Man movie, and Brian Kirk being the lead candidate for Thor 2. In our Book of The Week, the warriors test their hype machines with Ultimate Fallout #4. In individual reviews Ben is all about the alchemy with Mystic #1, Bryan is digging the world building with Moonknight #4, Johnny V takes a bit out of crime with Punisher #1, Arnold reminds us that Laura is still around with X-23 #13 and Tazer hates slices of life with New Mutants #28. In our Vs. of The Week the Warriors pit Madame Hydra (Viper) Vs Madame Mask. Thank you for listening and remember to write a review and subscribe on iTunes.

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