Bryan’s Tears: Episode #89

24 01 2012

Welcome to this tear filled edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. Bryan returns just in time to discuss, the denial of Skrulls being in the Avengers movie, whether Rob Liefeld is full of it, and Moonknight being cancelled. The water works continue for Bryan as Moonknigt #9  is our Book of The Week.  In individual reviews, Ben is back on his drug fix with Amazing Spider-Man #678, Tazer wants a young lad’s soul with Superior #7, and Bryan wants more love triangles with Daredevil #8. In Bonus Talk, the warriors discuss Uncanny X-Force #20, Ultimate Spider-Man #6, and Uncanny X-Men #5. Thank you for listening, and remember to subscribe and write a review on iTunes. SEE Y’ALL NEXT WEEK!!!

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