Thanks Dad: Episode #106

19 06 2012

Welcome to another edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. The Warriors gather around the grill of Volstagg to discuss Dads in comics and their own dads. It’s a multiverse meetup because Spider-Men #1 is our Book of The Week. In individual reviews Ben is confused with Avengers #27, Bryan loves fat with Uncanny X-Force #26, and Tazer loves good girl art with Avengers Vs. X-Men: Vs. #3. Finally Tazer and Ben both put their personal creations into the Marvel Universe. Thank you for listening and remember to write a review and subscribe on iTunes. SEE Y”ALL NEXT WEEK!!

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3 responses

5 07 2012

annoying loud black guy always ruins this – and i dont even know what he looks like….

5 07 2012

im sorry for being rude – he sounds like he is actually nice person – but he is so f*cking loud and annoying.

5 07 2012

in any case.. this is probably the only good marvel comics podcast out there besdies spidermancrawlspace.

father figure: worst:venom sumbiote, best: proffesor x & captain america

super hero idea: hrmmm probably some sort of variant of Maggot that used to be on x-men…. his organic build could just eat through shit. – also i like the idea of mutants that have awesome powers that come with a high price – sort of like a disability/ super- ability.

anyway…. thanks for the podcasts

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