Warriors Odyssey: Episode #109

17 07 2012

Welcome to a space faring edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. The dust has settled from San Diego Comic Con and the warriors discuss the news from Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment. In individual reviews Ben loves the new art direction with Defenders #8, and Bryan shows that things keep getting worse with Uncanny X-Force #27, plus we debate the final pages of Spider-Men #3. Finally Ben reviews the Captain America: Super Soldier game which leads to a discussion about past Marvel video games. Thank you for listening and remember to write a review and Subscribe on iTunes. SEE Y’ALL NEXT WEEK!!!

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4 responses

21 07 2012

when that dude was crying “whyyyyyy ..sob sob whyyyyy” made me laugh out loud. ha

also what are your thoughts on the spider-man movie… i think it sux… its not even spider-man.

21 07 2012

yeah defenders is ok, but it sux how they have nuetured Dr Strange. Just cause he’s powerful dosnt mean you cant make stories for him.

he uses a spear now? eh……..

21 07 2012

yes i love marvel ultimate alliance 1 – had it for the wii – retired the wii to my cupboard. bought a ps3 – bought it again for ps3 – then decided ps3 is crap so i sold ps3 – bought a computer for diablo 3 – diablo 3 suxors so now i bought it again for pc.

haha love that game.

i got the defenders line up (minus hulk & namor…err and valyrie…)

Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Ms Marvel/ Spider-Woman.

omg love that game. you know there is going to be a Diablo-esk Marvel game comming out soon… cause they know that diablo 3 failed.

cant wait for it.

26 07 2012
Benjamin Castruita

Thanks for the comments 🙂

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