Amazing Spider-Man: Special #9

1 08 2012

Welcome fans to the long delayed special edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast for The Amazing Spider-Man!! One of the most controversial reboots in recent cinema history has finally hit the big screen. Did the warriors love it? Did they hate it? Who hates douche bag skateboard punks? Who thinks Dennis Leary only plays himself? Tune into find out!!

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One response

4 08 2012

i think a lot of people forget that Spider- Man is actually running around in a stage show outfit that he used to perfrom sideshow acts in.

thats how people knew him when he starting appearing in the street – “OMG look its the amazing spider-man”, from the tv show…. and hes beating up crooks… wtf is happening!!!… lol its so epic but no one ever puts it into the origin.

eehhhhh… oh well.

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