A Bro and His Dog: Episode #112

7 08 2012

BRO!!! Welcome this track suit wearing edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. The Warriors gather around the table of Odin to discuss the adjective teasers for Marvel NOW, plus the casting of a certain Dark Elf, and the trading game between Fox and Marvel Studios. BRO, BRO shoot straight cause Hawkeye #1 is our Book of The Week!!! In individual reviews, Ben hits the swinging sixties with Defenders #9, Tazer twitches at The First X-Men #1, Arnold plays the hero with Avengers Vs. X-Men #9, and Bryan breaks the bloody fourth wall with Deadpool: Kills The Marvel Universe. Finally Bryan has something to say on Rob Liefelds recent comments.

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One response

9 08 2012

wow, once again the loud annoying guy ruins the show… take a guess.

btw i love defenders but this series is pretty touch n go….dr strange fighting with a purple spear…wtf is that? where the hell is Namor? (and dont say he’s with the x-men… that is just some….fuked up shit of another kind right there)

and the issue with Hydra.. that was just …. pathetic. and that artisit is one of my worst.

so yes.. i love defenders… and i am excited for the ant man story.. but the nick fury one was pure crap… read it on the bus then got off the bus and put it in the garbage where it belongs.

and the secret origin of the x-men crap.. thats just some optional segway crap for the lovers of those god aweful movies.

and by the way…. most of these comics i just mentioned reek of jew.

peace out fukas.

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