Shooting Puppies and Kittens: Episode #113

14 08 2012

Bonjour mon ami!! Welcome to a card throwing edition of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. The warriors gather around the table of Odin to  pay respect to Joe Kubert, X-Men: Days of Futures Past as the next title for the X-Men: First Class sequel, and more talk about Marvel Now!!! It’s time to head down to the bayou because Gambit #1 is our Book of The Week!!!! In individual reviews Ben feels the power of love with Spider-Men #4, Tazer is ready for his exam with Avengers Academy #34, Bryan is homicidal with Deadpool: Kills The Marvel Universe #2, and Arnold puts a bow on Venom #22. Finally the warriors discuss, do the Illuminati have a moral obligation to use the infinity gems to fight the Phoenix Force Five. Thank you for listening and remember to write a review and subscribe on iTunes. SEE Y’ALL NEXT WEEK!!!!

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3 responses

16 08 2012

eulogy when i want to steam off with some comic book trash rant… whateva

16 08 2012
The Warriors Three


20 08 2012

ehhhh.. nuffin….

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