Sun Toss: Episode #115

28 08 2012

It’s a celebration bitches!!!! A celebration to yet another episode of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. The Warriors gather around the table of Odin to discuss the news round up from Fan Expo 2012!!! Fifty years ago, one of the greatest characters of all pop culture was created, and The Warriors attempt to celebrate it because Amazing Spider-Man #692 is our Book of The Week!!! In individual reviews, Ben wants to Inception horn for The Punisher #14, Tazer actually enjoys a ending with Super Crooks #4, Bryan’s weekly bloodshed comes to an end with Deadpool: Kills The Marvel Universe, and Arnold uses a steel chair against Nathaniel with Uncanny X-Men #17. Finally we pit the Void Vs. The Phoenix Force Five. Thank you for listening and remember to subscribe on iTunes. SEE Y’ALL IN TWO WEEKS!!!

Listen Here




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