Perfect Game: Episode #125

27 11 2012

ROOT!! ROOT FOR THE HOME TOWN PODCAST BECAUSE THIS IS ANOTHER EXCITING EPISODE OF THE MIGHTY WARRIORS THREE MARVEL PODCAST!!! For the first time ever, The Warriors pass on discussing any sorts of news (namely because most of it was bland) and instead set up a line up of books to talk about. Leading off with Indestructible Hulk #1, batting second with a farewell is Avengers #34, batting third is the sentinel of the outfield Captain America #1, hitting cleanup is the tear flowing Uncanny X-Force #34, batting fifth is that crazy mofo at third base the Amazing Spider-Man #698, batting 6th is the oddest shortstop with Deadpool #2, batting in the 7th spot is is a replacement first basemen in Hawkeye #4, batting 9th is our faithful pitcher Daredevil #20, and rounding up the line up is Captain Marvel #7. Thank you for listening and remember to write a review and subscribe on iTunes. SEE Y’ALL NEXT WEEK!!!

Listen Here




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