All Caught Up: Episode #126

5 12 2012

Hello fans and foes alike to another thrilling episode of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!!! The Warriors gather around the table of Odin to discuss, the return of the New Universe, the casting choice for Harry Osborn, and Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen reprising their roles in X-Men: First Class: Days of Futures Past. Let the haters come home to roost because FF #1 is our Book of The Week!!! Individual reviews, Ben is creeped out by the Red Skull in Uncanny Avengers #2, Tazer says goodbye to Luke Cage with New Avengers #34 and Bryan is the master of Thor: God of Thunder #2. Thank you for listening and remember to subscribe on iTunes and write a review. SEE Y’ALL NEXT WEEK!!!

Listen Here





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