Episode #173: Thor is Our Favorite Disney Princess

23 07 2014

We want it all on the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and we want it now! The crew refuses to compromise this week as they find their way to discussing the casting of Karen Page in Netflix’s forthcoming Daredevil series, our first look at the design of the titular villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron, further discussion about the downward spiral of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot, and the shift in race, gender, and super-suits in Marvel’s big three heroes- Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Ben doesn’t think he’s asking for much this week when he makes Original Sin #6 and Original Sin: Uncanny X-Men #23 our co-Books of the Week! In individual reviews, Ben brings the spotlight to Elektra #4, Bryan admires the bromance of Cannonball and Sunspot in Avengers World #9, and Tazer calls Peter Parker on his stupidity a century later with the 100th Anniversary Special: Spider-Man #1. That’s our show for this week, folks! Please remember to follow us on various social media, subscribe on iTunes and write a review, and join us again next week!




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