Episode #192: Hel has Frozen Over

28 01 2015

Through Snowpocalypse 2015 and beyond, the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast come together for another exciting episode! As members Tazer and Bryan brace for the worst of a blizzard, Ben basks in Texan warmth as the three come together to discuss the casting of David Tennant in A.K.A. Jessica Jones, the recasting of Storm, Cyclops, and Jean Grey for X-Men: Apocalypse as well as the confirmation of a live-action X-Men television show being developed by FOX, and the recent claims of Marvel merging their mainstream comics continuity and Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity together in the wake of the Secret Wars event. In reviews, Ben stares down the boogeyman in Elektra #10, Tazer laughs at Hawkeye in Avengers: No More Bullying, and Bryan messes with your head in Superior Iron Man #4! Also, the gathered members of the Warriors Three discuss their #8 pick for favorite Marvel story of all-time! That’s our show for this week, folks! Please remember to follow us on various social media, subscribe on iTunes and write a review.





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