GIANT-SIZE Episode #200: With Thanks to Adolf Hitler

1 05 2015

After a brief hiatus, the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast is back, and we’re celebrating our 200th episode of the series! Join Ben, a.k.a. the Marvelous Iggy, and his cohorts: Tazer, Bry-Bry, and Jon, as they come together to discuss all the Marvel news over the last few weeks! …Oh, you read that right: ALL THE MARVEL NEWS! X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Comics, and everything in-between including our review of Netflix’s Daredevil series! It’s a FREE-FOR-ALL discussion episode culminating with the Warriors declaring their #1 All-Time Favorite Marvel Story, and a brief, heartfelt thank you to all our faithful listeners! (Except for Tazer, but then again who expected love from that guy?) It’s been 200 fantastic, sensational, uncanny, amazing episodes for the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast crew, and we’ll hope to see you all for 200 more!

Daredevil spoilers start a 1 hour, 5 min and 45 seconds, to 1 hour 39 min and 40 seconds.





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