Episode #201: Secret Wars CONFIRMED

3 06 2015

Get ready, true believers, it’s our secret Secret Wars show on yet another exciting edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! The Marvelous Iggy returns from the lost underwater state of Texas to set his friends on the right path, Bryan, Tazer, and Jon aiding their leader in fending off vicious sharks in-between bouts of news discussion. In the news this week, Bryan and Iggy make plans to go back and time and right the wrong of Kang the Conqueror being owns by Fox Studios, as well as the Shi’ar, Jon plans to riot if the rumor of Tilda Swinton being considered for the role of the Ancient One in Marvel’s Doctor Strange film turns out to be true, and Tazer actually has something resembling an opinion in the alleged closing of Asa Butterfield as the new Peter Parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In reviews, it’s all about the Secret Wars this week, as we discuss both Secret Wars #1 and #2 in our group discussion. In individual reviews, Ben watches a universe collapse with glee in Ultimate End #1, Jon rapid-fire reviews Master of Kung-Fu #1 almost as fast as Shang Chi’s fists fly, Bryan takes a journey on the highway to Hell with Inferno #1, and Tazer remains, as always, underwhelmed by girl power in A-Force #1. With that, we close our our first step in examining the event that is Secret Wars, and look toward the future… Please don’t forget to rate and review on iTunes, as well as subscribe, and join us again next time!







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