Episode #202: Secret Wars: Part Deux

10 06 2015

Hello, hello! Welcome back to a second, admittedly unintentional, episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and we’re delving back into the realm of Battleworld for the Secret Wars event! Before we begin to discover new realms, we take our turn looking down on Jason Statham after he looked down on Marvel fans for his rumored talks to star as Bullseye in season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil, and then we examine the changes yet to come for an All-New, All-Different Marvel universe following in the wake of Secret Wars! But we’re not changing just yet, as Secret Wars #3 is our Book of the Week! In individual reviews, Iggy mourns what might have been in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1, Bryan visits Dystopia in Future Imperfect #1, and Jon revisits his training for Master of Kung-Fu #2! That’s our show for this week folks! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Rate, Subscribe, and Write a Review on iTunes, and join us again next time for our next exciting episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!




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