8 07 2015

We’re reporting to you how dicey things get in this new dangerous edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! In anticipation of the end of Secret Wars, Iggy runs down the list of brand new #1 issues that’ll survive the climactic reformation of the new Marvel universe, but will Tazer’s membership to the Warriors survive as well? In other news, we go on about Bryan Singer’s comments towards X-Men Apocalypse as well as the future of the X-Men franchise, the prospective crossover element of Marvel Studios’ movie and television properties, and the controversial castings to come out of the Doctor Strange film as of late. In reviews, there’s a whole mess of violence at the hands of God-Doom in Secret Wars #4, and in individual reviews Tazer leads off with the tale of a black Nova family in Infinity Gauntlet #1 and #2, Bryan feels let down with Future Imperfect #2, and Iggy is seeing double with Ultimate End #3. As we clean up the crime scene, don’t forget to join us again next time, but not before subscribing to us on iTunes and writing a review. Join us again next week, where we find out of the body dropped this week is our missing Mr. Gamerajon.




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