Episode #207: This is FOX News

29 07 2015

Calling all old, white listeners of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, it’s time to smile in the face of ensuing apocalypse! Hot off the heels of the Warriors’ Ant-Man Review, the trio of Ben, Bryan, and Jon tackle all the news that’s arisen over the past couple of weeks concerning FOX Studios and their forthcoming movie releases! We discuss the most recent images to emerge from Entertainment Weekly concerning X-Men: Apocalypse, and we riff on the meme comparing En Sabah Nur with that of Power Rangers’ Ivan Ooze. We also talk about the crossover potential of Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four, as well as the apparently incorrect character description that was put forth of Victor Von Doom and Toby Kebbel’s latest attempt to correct the media. Finally, we weigh in on whether or not Marvel Studios should take a break from pumping out films post-Infinity War. That’s all for this week, folks! Please, be sure to rate us and write a review on iTunes, subscribe to us, and join us again next time for more of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!

Also be sure to stay after the ending theme to hear Bryan Power’s ignorance.





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