Episode #214: A Grimm Reminder

14 10 2015

And on this day, humanity receives a brand new episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and there’s magic in the air, folks! …Or that could just be the cloud of stench and sweat hanging over New York City in the wake of New York Comic-Con 2015 coming to a close for another year! We bring you some of the latest news to come out of the convention from Marvel, as we discuss the announcement of a brand new Power Man and Iron Fist series, the recently released plot synopsis for X-Men: Apocalypse from Fox Studios, and the latest rearranging and announcements for the close of Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 and the start of Phase 3. Weary of a Marvel-run box office yet? Well, don’t bother praying to a higher power, because the Sorcerer Supreme, one such movie yet to be released, is also our Book of the Week as we review Doctor Strange #1, the first issue in a Doctor Strange ongoing series in two decades! In individual reviews, the Warriors pull up seats at the Bar with No Doors as we delve into the latest from the Marvel Relaunch as well as the last gasps of Battleworld; Ben feels hollow with Amazing Spider-Man #1, Jon enjoys the spectacle of Invincible Iron Man #1, Bryan chews the teams’ ears off about Siege #4, and the group even squeezes in some talk about Secret Wars #6! By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, this is a jam-packed show, but alas, we must away! Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us and leave a review of the show, and join us again next time as we unify in the face of extinction!




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