Episode #215: Spider-Man is a Dick

21 10 2015

Welcome to another episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and go fuck yourselves! That’s right we get dark in this one, folks, and not just tonally. In the news this week, we talk about how Thor: Ragnarok might be a bit too dark for the MCU’s standards, the Black Panther’s film struggle with finding a director, and our optimism, or lack thereof, for the announced X-Men TV projects, Legion and Hellfire! In reviews, the Warriors journey to Boston, but only in their minds, as Uncanny Avengers #1 is our Book of the Week! Individually, Jon races to the finish line with Ghost Racers #4, Tazer ponders what could’ve been in What If?: Infinity – X-Men #1, and Bryan is taking any of Miguel’s shit with Spider-Man 2099 #1! As this band of merry assholes bids you adieu, remember to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us and write a review, and join us again next time for an episode that packs more of a wallop than it would appear…




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