Episode #217: The Prince of Poundin’ DAT ASS

11 11 2015

Ho, mortals! From on-high, another empowering edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast descends! In what passes for news here on Earth, we mighty men discuss the debacle of the Iron Fist Netflix series and whether it will see the light of the day, as well as its possible replacement: the Punisher! We also discuss the earliest casting news for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as well as the time-displaced Iceman finally confronting his contemporary counterpart about the issue of their sexuality as it pertains to time travel. In reviewing mortal periodicals, Jonathan notes the disturbing lack of personality in Drax #1, The Marvelous One feels as though he’s come home with Extraordinary X-Men #1, Tazer finds something different, though not at all unpleasant, with Hercules #1, and Bryan admonishes Norman Osborn’s perpetual pettiness in What If? Infinity – Dark Reign #1! Until such a time as we return, gentle listeners, please remember to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us positively and leave a kind word, and join us again when next we go questing through this world of Marvel Comics!




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