Episode #219: Demon Horse

25 11 2015

Riding straight out of the mouth of Hel, it’s another stormin’ addition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! In the news this week, we express our resounding excitement at the news of a new Mockingbird ongoing, reign in the rumors circulating the Iron Fist Netflix series and get first word on the direction of the Defenders, and we speculate on the future of Fox’s X-Men franchise in a post ‘Apocalypse’ world. In reviews, the Book of the Week has us feeling deja vu with the latest Ms. Marvel #1, Iggy induces horrific flashbacks with the return of Miss Thing in Ant-Man #2, Jon contemplates the ramifications of time travel in Uncanny Inhumans #2, Tazer feels displaced in a realm far, far away with The Mighty Thor #1, and Bryan gets weird with Black Knight #1! Finally, the Warriors spitball what superhero they’d like to spend Thanksgiving with the most, just in time for the holiday weekend! With that, our show for the week has concluded, folks! Please be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably and leave a review, and join us again next time for our next exciting installment!





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