Episode #220: The War That Never Ends

2 12 2015

War… war never changes, and neither do we here at the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! As we old war dogs gather in the halls of Valhalla, we reminisce of times gone by and battles yet to come, such as final issue of the Secret Wars event being delayed until the new year, Fantastic Four 2’s doomed future, and the coming battle in Captain America: Civil War heralded in the newly-released trailer! In reviews, it’s clobberin’ time for Jon with Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Bryan tries to figure out what an agent of the cosmos is in Venom: Space Knight #1, Tazer goes black and plans to take Carol Danvers with him in The Ultimates #1, and Iggy enjoys more of young, ethnic females in Silk #1! As the fight rages on, we ask that you show your support of our organization by subscribing to us on iTunes, rate us and write a review, and join us again next time, because this podcast will never end either!





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