Episode #221: Hey-How-Are-Ya!

9 12 2015

HOW! We of the tribe of the Mighty Warriors Three welcome you to an episode foretold since the beginning of the oral tradition of our people! As we journey through the realm of heroes and monsters, we hand down stories and revelation from the Great Spirit! We learn of the storytellers known as Bendis and Marquez channeling their spiritual energy into a second Civil War event, we learn of he of Creed, Ryan Coogler, perhaps gaining mastery of the soul of the Black Panther film, and we learn of he of killers and the dead, Scott Buck, taming the finicky franchise that is the Iron Fist! As we pass the peace pipe, we reminisce of times gone bye and times yet to be in Red Wolf #1! Then, we take our own spiritual quests on, as the Marvelous One gazes into the mystical realm of Doctor Strange #3, Balding Eagle makes a stop in bat country with Totally Awesome Hulk #1, Seething Hatred gazes into the abyss with Spidey #1, and Red Stockings gives chase to the devil in Daredevil #1! With these words handed down for future generations, we prepare our exit from this withered plain. Before we depart, however, please subscribe to our tales on iTunes, rate us favorably and leave a kind message in the smoke, and join us again next time on what is sure to be a more politically correct episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!





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