Episode #223: Check Your Privilege

20 01 2016

Welcome, CIS scum, to the first new edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast of the year 2016! In the news this week, we discuss the slew of photos and concept art released as part of coverage on the Doctor Strange film, the titular character played by non-POC Benedict Cumber-biatch, the formal announcement of Ryan Coogler being set to direct the Black Panther film and what direction the story may take, and the petition launched in the wake of the MPAA giving Deadpool an R-Rating to edit and release a PG-13 cut of the film. In reviews, Tazer’s final fate as a permanent member of the Mighty Warriors Three falls into question as Secret Wars #9 finally hits the shelves. In individual reviews, Ben covers Ultimates #2 , Bryan delves into Scarlet Witch #2, and Tazer reviews The Calvalry 50th SHIELD Anniversary #1  . In closing, on Tazer’s behalf, we ask that you remember that whitey’s always gotta pay, subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us and write a review, and tune in again next week, when the Force will finally awaken…




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