Episode #226: King of K’un-Lun

9 03 2016

Well, I’ll tell you what! This right here is another new installment of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! The Warriors open a couple of beers as stand by a fence and raise one to Paul Ryan, recently deceased illustrator with a long legacy at Marvel Comics behind him. In the news this week, Ben, Jon, and Bryan discuss the rumored search for an actor to play Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung-Fu, for Marvel’s Iron Fist series, the casting of Zendaya in an ambiguous role for the forthcoming Spider-Man reboot at Sony, and the Venom solo film being put back into production. For books this week, the Warriors drool over Samnee artwork as Black Widow #1 is our Book of the Week! In individual reviews, Ben sympathizes with Miles in Spider-Man #2, Jon is enjoying Bendis’ run for as long as it lasts on Invincible Iron Man #2, and Bryan is pleasantly surprised by Avengers: Standoff – Alpha issue. That’s our show for this week, folks! Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us and leave a review, and join us again next time, where hopefully we’ll give our take on season 2 of Agent Carter before season 2 of Daredevil lands on Netflix.





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