Episode #236: The Times, They Are A-Changin’

13 07 2016

Uncork the hard stuff and pass the bottle around, because us old men of the comic book-collectin’ game are drinkin’ whiskey and rye on this episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! The Marvelous Iggy, Jon, and Bryan all lament a bygone era as they list off the new series solicitations for Marvel NOW! 2.0 with waning enthusiasm. There’s no small amount of rage, indifference, and confusion, but maybe it’s just us… maybe it’s our own fault that we can’t recognize the state of our own Marvel U anymore… Ugh, delving into reviews of books that we probably won’t even be reading several months from now, Ben and Iggy talk about Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 and how it pissed everybody off, Jon included, Ben reviews the latest issue of Scarlet Witch #7 all by himself, and Bryan gets by with Civil War II: Kingpin #1. Well, that’s it for us this week, maybe forever depending on how deep we get into these liquor bottles… Join us again next week, maybe, I guess… also, subscribe to our sinking ship on iTunes, rate us okay and write kind review (please?), and then… eh, who knows, who cares… where’s that damn bottle of whiskey… ugh…




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