Episode #242: Requiem for a Nighthawk

30 08 2016

Sound off like you’ve got a pair! This is the newest episode of our beloved Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and we’re bringing the pain to you, the lowest forms of life on Earth, so that you might hear the good word! In the news this week, you covinous heathen, the Mighty Warriors Three are honored to discuss the potential crossover between FX’s Legion and Fox’s X-Men movie franchise, as commented on by Private Singer. The Mighty Warriors Three also discuss the slimy, little cottonmouth, twinkle-toes coward Steve Rogers abandoning his post as Captain American in the MCU, as well as the mysterious MU event billed by Marvel Comics to feature Private Bunn, Private McNiven, and Private Land. We also do reviews on this show, and we unorganized pieces of amphibian scum do come to you with books to share: Private Iggy reviews The Ultimates #10, Private Okie reviews Punisher #4, and Private Deflate reviews Civil War II: Ulysses #1! What is your major malfunction, listener? Subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us 5 goddamn stars, and leave a glowing review- so glowing that the Virgin Mary herself would be honored by your words! Join us again next week, maggots, for the next mentally-scarring episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!





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