Episode #244: Wolverine is So Lit

21 09 2016

‘IT IS SO LIT, YOU GUYS, because Iggy and Bryan are on a two-man power trip once again! On this edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, we dig deep to bring the most news discussion possible! Get ready to sink your class into this, listeners, because Bryan GOES OFF on Agents of SHIELD’s writing staff, Iggy and Bryan gauge the excitement for She-Hulk’s new ongoing series titled HULK, they, too, weigh the pros and cons of DC’s Rebirth versus Marvel’s more bleak line of events ending with Civil War II, Iggy rages against Dan Slott and his laziness at bringing back Gwen Stacy in clone form, and finally, Iggy and Bryan discuss the confirmed inclusion of Mister Sinister in Wolverine 3 and their ideal casting choices for the villainous X-Men role! In reviews this week, Iggy gushes over the latest issue of Scarlet Witch, issue no. 10, and Bryan laments the sad fate of Uncanny Avengers #14. …And that’s our show for this week, FAM! Be sure to join us again next time for our regularly scheduled episode, and in the meantime don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review, and join us again next time when we get RAW, peeps!’




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