Episode #245: Six Degrees of Daken Bacon

12 10 2016

We’re back, baby! With apologies from Bry-Bry, we bring the latest installment of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and we’re now living in a post-NYCC ’16 world! As such, to kick off the news segment, we dissect the newly-released trailer for Marvel & Netflix’s Iron Fist, as well as the recently announced news of Sigourney Weaver cast as the main villain of Marvel & Netflix’s The Defenders series! In addition, the Warriors also talk about the third Wolverine standalone flick: Logan, and the announcement of Boyd Holbrook’s villainous character, and Dan Slott coming aboard as a consulting producer on the (yet again) rebooted Spider-Man animated series as a consulting producer. In reviews for this week, there’s plenty to talk about as we’ve been away for too long! Ben helps picks up the pieces of the magical realm in Doctor Strange #12, Tazer is elated by the discovery of, and then disappointed by, Cage #1, Jon doesn’t understand the young people in Champions #1, and Bryan keeps us up to date on mutant affairs with Death of X #1! Also, an impromptu discussion of Steve Rogers: Captain America #5! That’s our show for this week, folks, and it is good to be back! Be sure to join us again next time for the next exciting episode, and stay tuned ‘til the end of the show to find out what our plans are for a full series review of Marvel & Netflix’s Luke Cage! Until next time, remember to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably and leave a kind word, and we promise we won’t be away for so long again… at least, not without notice. Stay marvelous!






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