Episode #247: Trump’s America

15 11 2016

It’s time to make Marvel great again here on the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and boy, do we have some shakeups in store for you, dear listener! Our minority leader, the Marvelous Iggy, has been voted out of office! Bry-Bry is the new leader of the Mighty Warriors Three! However, in a fashion after current leaders of the free world, he has no idea how to do his job and couldn’t even be bothered to show up this week, so the Marvelous Iggy will be sticking around for a while to help coach Bry-Bry how to do his job before Iggy gets deported. Joining Iggy this week, suspected terrorist Kuhan and suspected liberal protestor-slash-career criminal Tazer all gather together into some sort of conspiratorial posse to discuss crooked Elektra getting her own series and escaping justice once again, the filthy Inhumans being given their own show by the liberal media, and how Fox Studios is planning to rebuild the X-Men franchise and make Marvel Studios pay for it! Meanwhile, in reviews this week, Iggy tackles how he’ll destroy radical time-traveling terrorist Kang the Conqueror in Avengers #1, Kuhan talks about a man that is probably a Black Lives Matter member and his apologist liberal sympathizer in Power Man and Iron Fist #10, and Tazer talks about Civil War II #6. (Let’s be honest, there’s only so many jokes you can make before the obvious ones become obvious, and that entry was too loaded to take any further, otherwise the poor author of this episode description would be here all night.) That’s our show for this week, America! It’s gonna be a long four years ahead, so break out the mead and drink to forget! But, before you do, don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us with 5 stars and say only glowing praise about us or we’ll deport your ass, too, and join us again next time where we convene a special council to finally bring Loki to justice!





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