Episode #254: The Lonely Hearts Club

14 02 2017

We’re all by ourselves tonight, but that’s alright because it’s another stunning episode of the Mighty Warrior Three Marvel Podcast!  We’re two-man power-trippin’ through this episode, Jon-Jon and Tazer are out doing God-knows-what for Valentine’s Day, leaving The Marvelous Iggy, a.k.a. Ben, and Bry-Bry get together around a roaring fire to discuss all the news that we’ve missed over the last couple of weeks: we talk about X-MEN: SUPERNOVA, the alleged next installment of the mainstream X-Men franchise featuring Sophie Turner as a Dark Phoenix-infused Jean Grey!  We do a roll call of Marvel and Hulu’s forthcoming RUNAWAYS cast and characters, featuring James Marsters a.k.a. Spike from the Whedonverse (with a shoutout to our very own Arnold “A-Train” Alfred)!  We also dissect the new, full trailer for Marvel and Netflix’s IRON FIST, and review the sneak peek of day one of shooting for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, featuring RDJ, Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, and Thor & Rocket Raccoon fighting side-by-side!  As we move on from the foreplay, we get a little bit raunchy with our reviews – impromptu book of the week is All-New Wolverine #17, Iggy talks about viruses in Ms. Marvel #15, and Bryan observes the finer points of seduction at work in Kingpin #1!  Finally, The Marvelous One and Bry-Bry climax by discussing who they’d most like to spend Valentine’s Day with from the Marvel Universe!  That’s our steamy show for this week, lords and ladies, but if you’d like access to our Marvel: After Dark catalogue, well then first you’ve got to press our button – the subscribe  on iTunes!  Don’t forget to rate us favorably, and leave a note of sweet nothings before you steal away into the night, but don’t forget to join us again next week when we get a real group thing goin’ – and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Giggity Giggity, Giggity Goo. Stick around.




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