Episode #255: Arguing about Alex Ross

21 02 2017

We find ourselves staring into the abyss and judging artwork like Wilson Fisk on this week’s episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast.  In the news this week, our leader The Marvelous Iggy who hates Alex Ross leads Bry-Bry and Tazer— the triumphant return worthy of a painting— into the upper echelons of society to judge the latest announcement from Marvel of the seemingly Alex Ross-helmed GENERATIONS event due out in Summer 2017, the rumor that Kerry Washington is the frontrunner for playing Neena a.k.a. Domino in DEADPOOL 2, and Bry-Bry and Tazer get abstract as they discuss the pilot episode of FX’s LEGION.  Meanwhile, the Warriors Three crack open the pages of these illustrated tomes and criticize: Tazer disapproves of the reinterpretation of The Collector, but enjoys the guest stints of other artists, in The Unworthy Thor #4, Bry-Bry thinks Ron Garney is a sham in Daredevil #17, and Iggy praises Frazier Irving’s work in Doctor Strange #17!  As we find this new setting a little drab for our refined tastes and we place to relocate, we advise that you subscribe to us, we tastemakers, on iTunes in order to keep up with everything Marvel-related. We also ask that you give us 5 stars and leave a kind word in review; all the cool kids are doing it.  In the meantime, we leave you to better yourselves through our eyes, and stay marvelous!




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