Episode #256: More Bang for Your Buck!

7 03 2017

We welcome you, dear listeners, to another two-man power-trippin’ edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!  In this mightily marvelous episode with miniscule manpower, the Marvelous Iggy and Bry-Bry rally to discuss all the most noteworthy news this week: the slew of casting for Fox’s as-of-yet-unnamed X-Men TV drama, the proposed character combination of the Hulk and Wolverine teased by Axel Alonso, and we talk about the latest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer wherein Star-Lord’s father has been living with a beautiful, young alien for so long a time… yeah we’d have abandoned Chris Pratt for that, too.  Meanwhile, in reviews, it’s a rapid-fire fest of fearlessly telling you what’s good and what’s utter shite!  Iggy and Bry-Bry play hot potato as they go back-and-forth discussing Hulk #3, Doctor Strange #18, Occupy Avengers #4, Silk #18, Steve Rogers: Captain America #12, and Champions #6!  It’s fewer men on deck, more content than you can shake an enchanted walking stick at!  Join us again, as in the next couple of weeks we’ll be discussing the full casting of the Inhuman Royal Family as well as our special episode dedicated to Logan!  Until then, remember to find us and like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes as well as rating us favorably and leaving a kind review, and join us again next time for the next marvelous installment!’



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