Episode #258: Bork, Bork, Bork

11 04 2017

With a hearty battle cry of “FUCK UNITED,” we’re off and flyin’ to a tremendous start on this latest installment of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! Our marvelous Iggy, glorious and exalted is he (he of poor taste in cover songs), drops the hammer this week on his compatriots: freelance newsboy Bry-Bry, wellspring of hate (who’s surprisingly optimistic this week) Tazer, and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon (who’s surprisingly spiteful this week) as they discuss: the much-delayed reaction to Unworthy Thor #5; say, just what DID Nick Fury say to Thor that caused the God of Thunder to become unworthy…? Prepare to be disappointed! Also, we talk about the Adrian Syaf / X-Men: Gold #1 debacle, as well as the teaser trailer for that little, under-the-radar flick that is Thor: Ragnarok, surely to be the most subtle film to be released this year. Meanwhile, in reviews, how’s this for tackling controversy head-on: Bry-Bry is up on the chopping block with X-Men: Gold #1! That’ll teach him for bailing the show and turning the show in to President Trump! The Marvelous One himself reviews Royals #1, thinkin’ he’s so much better than everyone else, even if the book he’s reviewing isn’t. Jon-Jon, meanwhile, embraces questionable facial hair with USAvengers #1 and #2!  And don’t you worry about our Iron Fist review special – it’s comin’!  But until then, please don’t forget to find us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast and like our page, subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a kind word in review, rate us 5 stars, and join us again next week when Tazer reviews porn!  Oh yeah, that’s sure to get some asses in some seats; sex sells, after all…




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