Episode #259: The Episode of Lowered Standards

19 04 2017

We’re back, people! With Ol’ Man Whirlyburger fighting to gain entry into the land of WiFi, it’s just Bry-Bry and Tazer being lead by The Marvelous Iggy on a true-to-life Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast episode! We’re not just light on compatriots this week – we’re light on news! But that doesn’t stop Ben, Bryan, and Tazer from digging in to talk about the confirmation of Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers a.k.a. the time-traveling, gun-toting mutant Cable for Deadpool 2! Also, we review the latest teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, because they’re owned by Disney who also owns Marvel. It counts! Meanwhile, in reviews, we’re all about lowering our standards this week: the Marvelous One grapples with Unstoppable Wasp #4 before being leveled by Bryan’s useless knowledge of tertiary characters, Tazer just isn’t jiving with the street like he normally does in Black Panther and the Crew #1, and Bry-Bry is made to justify his pick (and his contunused existence on this podcast) with Weapon X #1, interiors by Greg Land! Because that’s sure not to stir up controvery this time around! (Yeah, right.) Anticipating the return of the Ol’ Man Whirlyburger in the interim, don’t forget to find us and like our page on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably there and leave a kind word in review, and join is again next week! What are we talking about next week? Shh! It’s a secret… …Hail Hydra…





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