Episode #260: The Take Over, Bryan’s Career is Over

26 04 2017

What, I’m fired and I still have to write the episode description? Ugh, FINE. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the Bryan-Gets-Fired Show, brought to by the Mighty Warriors Three! The Marvelous One, bitter though he may be over Iron Fist, does lead discussion with Tazer and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon about the first trailer for Cloak and Dagger, and about Marvel’s return to its original numbering of its titles and Marvel’s Legacy title! Meanwhile, in reviews, the gang gathers ’round for their first Book of the Week in a while: Secret Empire #0; then in individual reviews, Jon keeps the opening salvo train a-rollin’ with Steve Rogers: Captain America #16, Ben realizes the end is nigh with Doctor Strange #19, and Bry-Bry tries to plead his case for Nick Fury #1! Then he’s dropped like a hot potato! What happens next? I don’t know! But like and subscribe on iTunes, I guess, and maybe track us down on Facebook, too. That’s all for this week, folks, and I’m going home!





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