Episode #263: Star-Spangled Banner

6 07 2017

At-attention, true patriots! Gather ’round for our most patriot episode yet of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! The marvelous Uncle Sam of our crew, Iggy, brings together men of all races and creeds – Okie from Muskogee Jon-Jon, Resident Masshole Bry-Bry, and New York Hate Machine Tazer, and we’re declaring our independence from bullshit this week! In the news this week, Iggy and company dissect Marvel’s Inhumans (But not in a mad scientist way or anything, this isn’t Tuskegee) first trailer, they determine just how “kid-friendly” the supposed kid-friendly reboot of the Fantastic Four will be over at Fox, and they campaign for the rights of all mutants to appear in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, despite the devs insistence that they don’t matter. #AllMarvelLivesMatter Meanwhile, in reviews, Ben comes around to Secret Empire #5 – what a twist! Jon-Jon flies high with Spectacular Spider-Man #1, and Bryan stares in wonder at the pages of Nick Fury #3, fighting for a safer America! That’s our show for this week, folks! Be sure to like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably and leave a kind word in reviews! Catch us next time, true believers, like a fly caught in a spider’s web, because we’ll be reviewing the spectacular return of Spider-Man to the MCU! 




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