Episode #266: NAZIS are bad. Don’t be a NAZI.

23 08 2017

Pretty self-explanatory title, huh? Amy way, welcome to another episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, now with instantly-appearing Warrior Tazer! Before then, though, Ben and Bry-Bry intro you to a show where, in the news, we herald the retur of David Tennant to Jessica Jones season 2, we examine the ruins of the d.o.a. Marvel TV series Inhumans and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and we dissect the past of Marvel as they announce that they’re reprinting their classic horror lines for Halloween! Meanwhile, in reviews, Ben sings the swan song of the Ultimate Universe – or is it? – in Ultimates #100, and Bry-Bry throws down with Shang-Chi and Danny Rand in Iron Fist #6! That’s our show, folks! While we instill in you the virtues of tolerance and decency, remember to find us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes, and rate us favorably and leave a kind word in reviews – no bigoted b.s. now. As we leave for another several weeks, remember to be kind to others and don’t be a jerk. In 2 weeks, we delve into the heart of New York City as we review Marvel & Netflix’s The Defenders!




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