Episode #270: Make Comics, Not War

1 11 2017

WAR! Huh! What is it good for? …Well, if you’re the Punisher or War Thor, it’s good for quite a bit – and we discuss all those nasty little bits (and pieces) on this new episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! In the news this week, Gen. Igglestein leads his loyal troops- drummer boy Bry-Bry and conscientious objector Tazer- into the fray, down a full complement without that deserter Ol’Man Man Whirlyburger Jon. The men are in talks over the combination of IMAX and the Inhumans which went full FUBAR, we talk about that old war dog Frank Castle, the Punisher, inheriting the War Machine armor from Nick Fury in the former’s new Marvel Legacy title, and the talks for a man known as Mendelsohn to take over the villainous lead role in Captain Marvel. In reviews, the Warriors put the hammer down on The Mighty Thor #700, a Legacy anniversary issue in which Tazer is upset over false advertising of SIMONSON! In individual reviews, Ben enjoys watching someone else’s pain in All-New Wolverine #26, Ben laments Tazer’s taste in art in Cable #150, and Bry-Bry gives a spy’s goodbye, even if it’s a bit underwhelming, in Nick Fury #6. With that, we start playing taps as the episode draws to a close. As we pause for a moment, dear listener, please consider liking our Facebook page at the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribing to us on iTunes, and rate us favorably and perhaps consider leaving a kind word in reviews. As the war marches on, we raise our hammers once more and, in the name of SIMONSON, we charge headlong against Surtur in our review of Thor: Ragnarok, coming in 2 weeks!


Episode #269: Let’s All Go to the Movies!

18 10 2017

Hey, hey, hey, pals and gals! It’s trailer time here on the latest episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, and boy have we got a spectacle for you! The Marvelous Iggy, our executive producer if you will, assembles his various auteurs to discuss the latest slew of Marvel cinema magic! Bry-Bry, the assistant (i.e. slave), Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon in catering, and Tazer, who is our “street consultant,” whatever that means… The whole team dives in on the latest trailers for Hulu’s RUNAWAYS, Fox’s NEW MUTANTS, and Marvel Cinematic’s BLACK PANTHER – it’s a string of silver screen stupendousness! Meanwhile, in taking a break to review some reading material, Benny Boy tackles the mutant problem in X-Men: Blue #13, the ol’ men Jon-Jon and Tazer summon their wrath to co-review Spirits of Vengeance #1, and Bry-Bry gets feral over Iron Fist #73 (Yeah, Legacy re-numbering is a bitch, ain’t it?) In the time it takes you to run to the concessions stand before the production begins, you could also take the time to track down The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes, and leave a review and a rating for us telling us what you think of the show – every bit of attention helps! And now, on with your regularly-scheduled podcast…

Episode #268: The Congress of Marvel Idiots

4 10 2017

We now call this meeting of the congress of Marvel idiots- a.k.a. the latest episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast- to order. Presiding is our Marvelous commander-in-chief Ben, a.k.a. the Marvelous Iggy. Representing BAH-STAN is Bry-Bry, representing Okie is Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon, and representing… “Other” is Tazer. (We don’t know how he keeps getting elected, we don’t even know who keeps voting for him…) This week in session, the finest morons this side of Stan’s soapbox discuss all the important matters on the floor of the podcast: we discuss the official trailer for Netflix’s The Punisher series, we discuss the evolving role of Captain America in the new Marvel U, and we talk about the continued rumors of a return of the Richards family, rumors fueled by none other than Alex Ross. Meanwhile, in reviews, our glorious leader crosses dividing lines to review a video game: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Jon filibusters with Marvel: Legacy #1, Tazer lays down the law with Thor #23, and Bry-Bry contests that the children are the future with Runaways #1. With our session winding to a close, please remember to like us on Facebook and follow us for all the latest Marvel news, subscribe to our podcast on iTunes for updated episodes (and maybe rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review), and join us again next time when we’re called to order to discuss the matter of police brutality on Inhuman lives in Hawaii. 

Episode #267: Odin Hammered the Phoenix Force

20 09 2017

Great Odin’s raven! It’s a brand new episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! Our glorious leader the Marvelous Iggy, a.k.a. Ben, leads us to a return to strength with a full complement – resident newsie Bry-Bry, ol’ man whirlyburger Jon, and Tazer all ride again in this new installment where we get a bit somber at first, taking a moment to pay our respects to Marvel and pop culture icons who’ve passed away since last we spoke: Bobby “the Brain” Heenan, Henry Dean Stanton, and comics legend Len Wein. As we delve into the news, it quickly becomes apparent that Ben’s mind is elsewhere as we discuss Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and the recently-announced DLC characters, we talk about the return of Wizard Magazine as an all-digital publication, and the return of Marvel Two-in-One which may lead to the return of the Richards family to Marvel Comics. Meanwhile, in reviews, Ben is feeling his righteous fury when talking about the neverending Secret Empire with the Omega issue, Tazer is just furious with Captain Marvel #8, Jon feels the time for a change has come with Generations: Thor #1, and Bryan waxes goddamn nostalgic about a charming father and daughter tale in Generations: Wolverine #1. That’s our show this week, folks, and it’s a true return to form! Before partaking though, please take a moment to like and follow us on The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes for automatic updates, and rate us favorably and leave a kind word in reviews if you can! Thanks for sticking with us folks, and vaya con dios! …Y’know, just not an eyepatch-wearing, redhead-fetishisizing god – you may get hammered. Proceed at your own risk.


The Defenders: Mighty Warriors Three Special Episode

6 09 2017

N-Y-C! Just got here this morning! 4 vigilantes, 1 evil organization, 1 Netflix series! We welcome you, weary traveler, to a very special episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast – not just special because it’s a review of Marvel & Netflix’s The Defenders miniseries, but special because it’s a two-man show! …No, not *those* two men. This time our fearless leader Ben, a.k.a. The Marvelous Iggy, steps away to answer the call to protect his city, and Jon-Jon is probably lost in a bottle somewhere. Meanwhile, privileged white boy Bry-Bry takes the reins with streetwise Tazer helping him out! You get two very different perspectives on a show that… Was it as good as we dared hope? We discuss the good, the bad, and the future of Marvel on Netflix here – give it a listen! Then, while you’re at it, subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review, and like us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast for your Marvel news fix! Next time, it’s back to basics.

Episode #266: NAZIS are bad. Don’t be a NAZI.

23 08 2017

Pretty self-explanatory title, huh? Amy way, welcome to another episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, now with instantly-appearing Warrior Tazer! Before then, though, Ben and Bry-Bry intro you to a show where, in the news, we herald the retur of David Tennant to Jessica Jones season 2, we examine the ruins of the d.o.a. Marvel TV series Inhumans and the behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and we dissect the past of Marvel as they announce that they’re reprinting their classic horror lines for Halloween! Meanwhile, in reviews, Ben sings the swan song of the Ultimate Universe – or is it? – in Ultimates #100, and Bry-Bry throws down with Shang-Chi and Danny Rand in Iron Fist #6! That’s our show, folks! While we instill in you the virtues of tolerance and decency, remember to find us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes, and rate us favorably and leave a kind word in reviews – no bigoted b.s. now. As we leave for another several weeks, remember to be kind to others and don’t be a jerk. In 2 weeks, we delve into the heart of New York City as we review Marvel & Netflix’s The Defenders!

Episode #265: That 90s Podcast

8 08 2017

WAZZUUUUUUP??! Welcome to a totally 90s edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, where everything is as it was in the decade where the only questionable decisions were the hairstyles – and the shoulder pads. Oh, the shoulder pads… Come join Ben, Bry-Bry, Tazer, and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon as they step into a time machine and zip on back to the era of Clinton (No, the other one) and Arsenio as the 90s conquer the news this week! We discuss how 90s comic icons Cable and Domino, as portrayed by Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz, will look coming to the screen in Deadpool 2, we talk Captain Marvel, Super Skrulls, and acid-wash superhero uniforms when discussing the titular heroine’s forthcoming movie and setting, we rate the new gameplay trailer for the latest iteration of Marvel vs. Capcom, and finally we discuss the Fantastic Four, and Jonathan Hickman going so far as to suggest Marvel disappeared them due to movie rights (Le Gasp!) before our own Jonathan goes off on Tom Brevoort and rest of Marvel Editorial – they get their revenge later, though, sadly… Meanwhile, in reviews this week, we’re all about screwing with time and space this week as Ben delves into the latest whack development in Secret Empire #7, Tazer dissects the contrasting styles of hulking-out in Generations: Hulk, and Bry-Bry still crusades for people to give Nick Fury, Jr.’s book a fair shake in Nick Fury #5! Now, we have to go rescue Jon-Jon from whatever static hellhole he’s been dropped into this week, but in the meantime don’t forget to find us and like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes, and rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review. Next time, we’re back with massively-oversized shoulder pads and holofoil variant covers – you won’t want to miss out!