Episode #260: The Take Over, Bryan’s Career is Over

26 04 2017

What, I’m fired and I still have to write the episode description? Ugh, FINE. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the Bryan-Gets-Fired Show, brought to by the Mighty Warriors Three! The Marvelous One, bitter though he may be over Iron Fist, does lead discussion with Tazer and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon about the first trailer for Cloak and Dagger, and about Marvel’s return to its original numbering of its titles and Marvel’s Legacy title! Meanwhile, in reviews, the gang gathers ’round for their first Book of the Week in a while: Secret Empire #0; then in individual reviews, Jon keeps the opening salvo train a-rollin’ with Steve Rogers: Captain America #16, Ben realizes the end is nigh with Doctor Strange #19, and Bry-Bry tries to plead his case for Nick Fury #1! Then he’s dropped like a hot potato! What happens next? I don’t know! But like and subscribe on iTunes, I guess, and maybe track us down on Facebook, too. That’s all for this week, folks, and I’m going home!


Episode #259: The Episode of Lowered Standards

19 04 2017

We’re back, people! With Ol’ Man Whirlyburger fighting to gain entry into the land of WiFi, it’s just Bry-Bry and Tazer being lead by The Marvelous Iggy on a true-to-life Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast episode! We’re not just light on compatriots this week – we’re light on news! But that doesn’t stop Ben, Bryan, and Tazer from digging in to talk about the confirmation of Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers a.k.a. the time-traveling, gun-toting mutant Cable for Deadpool 2! Also, we review the latest teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, because they’re owned by Disney who also owns Marvel. It counts! Meanwhile, in reviews, we’re all about lowering our standards this week: the Marvelous One grapples with Unstoppable Wasp #4 before being leveled by Bryan’s useless knowledge of tertiary characters, Tazer just isn’t jiving with the street like he normally does in Black Panther and the Crew #1, and Bry-Bry is made to justify his pick (and his contunused existence on this podcast) with Weapon X #1, interiors by Greg Land! Because that’s sure not to stir up controvery this time around! (Yeah, right.) Anticipating the return of the Ol’ Man Whirlyburger in the interim, don’t forget to find us and like our page on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes, rate us favorably there and leave a kind word in review, and join is again next week! What are we talking about next week? Shh! It’s a secret… …Hail Hydra…


Episode #258: Bork, Bork, Bork

11 04 2017

With a hearty battle cry of “FUCK UNITED,” we’re off and flyin’ to a tremendous start on this latest installment of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! Our marvelous Iggy, glorious and exalted is he (he of poor taste in cover songs), drops the hammer this week on his compatriots: freelance newsboy Bry-Bry, wellspring of hate (who’s surprisingly optimistic this week) Tazer, and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon (who’s surprisingly spiteful this week) as they discuss: the much-delayed reaction to Unworthy Thor #5; say, just what DID Nick Fury say to Thor that caused the God of Thunder to become unworthy…? Prepare to be disappointed! Also, we talk about the Adrian Syaf / X-Men: Gold #1 debacle, as well as the teaser trailer for that little, under-the-radar flick that is Thor: Ragnarok, surely to be the most subtle film to be released this year. Meanwhile, in reviews, how’s this for tackling controversy head-on: Bry-Bry is up on the chopping block with X-Men: Gold #1! That’ll teach him for bailing the show and turning the show in to President Trump! The Marvelous One himself reviews Royals #1, thinkin’ he’s so much better than everyone else, even if the book he’s reviewing isn’t. Jon-Jon, meanwhile, embraces questionable facial hair with USAvengers #1 and #2!  And don’t you worry about our Iron Fist review special – it’s comin’!  But until then, please don’t forget to find us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast and like our page, subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a kind word in review, rate us 5 stars, and join us again next week when Tazer reviews porn!  Oh yeah, that’s sure to get some asses in some seats; sex sells, after all…

Episode #257: Who the Fuck is Pulsar?

28 03 2017

Who the fuck is THIS GUY…??! …Oh, what’s that…? You’ve come to listen to the latest episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast? Well, you’ve chosen wisely, my friend. Come join the Marvelous Iggy, Bry-Bry, and Tazer as they convene the latest episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! In the news this week, we have much rage as the Warriors discuss the status of Michael Shannon as the frontrunner for Cable and Zazie Beets (yes, that’s her real name) landing the role of Domino for Deadpool 2, the prospective Venom movie in the works at Sony (Set to NOT be a part of the MCU, because that’s sure to work…), and we grab our Asgardian axes and get to cutting down the first-look photos of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok (in name only). After coming down from the blood rage, Iggy gives us a dose of finding our center in Hulk #4, Bry-Bry throws down with Iron Fist #1, and Tazer gets abstract with Ultimates 2 #5! That’s our show for this week, folks! Remember to like us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a kind word in review, and join us again next time when we ask the real questions: …Seriously, who the fuck is Pulsar? Like, legit…


Mighty Warriors Three Special Episode: Logan Review

21 03 2017

Gather ‘round, dear listeners, for a rip-roarin’ good time as the Marvelous One, a.k.a. Ben, Bry-Bry, Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon, and the man known only as Tazer are back in the saddle again for one last ride with Hugh Jackman as Logan, the Wolverine, in our special episode review of Logan!  Did Logan go quietly into that good night?  How did X-23 perform against expectations?  What does it sound like when Patrick Stewart excessively curses?  All these questions and more are answered within, as we draw down on the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of Logan.  Tazer & Jon and Bryan & Ben find themselves on opposite sides of the river so much as their opinions are concerned, and there are no mended fences by the end.  So, pull up a chair!  Sit down, squat down, or lay down, but make yourselves at home as we entreat you to hear the final tale of an Ol’ Man called Logan.  But before you go any further, gentle guests, remember to support us by liking us on Facebook, subscribing to us on iTunes and leaving us a kind word in review, and be sure to join us again next time when, unlike Logan, we go back to basics.

Episode #256: More Bang for Your Buck!

7 03 2017

We welcome you, dear listeners, to another two-man power-trippin’ edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast!  In this mightily marvelous episode with miniscule manpower, the Marvelous Iggy and Bry-Bry rally to discuss all the most noteworthy news this week: the slew of casting for Fox’s as-of-yet-unnamed X-Men TV drama, the proposed character combination of the Hulk and Wolverine teased by Axel Alonso, and we talk about the latest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer wherein Star-Lord’s father has been living with a beautiful, young alien for so long a time… yeah we’d have abandoned Chris Pratt for that, too.  Meanwhile, in reviews, it’s a rapid-fire fest of fearlessly telling you what’s good and what’s utter shite!  Iggy and Bry-Bry play hot potato as they go back-and-forth discussing Hulk #3, Doctor Strange #18, Occupy Avengers #4, Silk #18, Steve Rogers: Captain America #12, and Champions #6!  It’s fewer men on deck, more content than you can shake an enchanted walking stick at!  Join us again, as in the next couple of weeks we’ll be discussing the full casting of the Inhuman Royal Family as well as our special episode dedicated to Logan!  Until then, remember to find us and like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes as well as rating us favorably and leaving a kind review, and join us again next time for the next marvelous installment!’

Episode #255: Arguing about Alex Ross

21 02 2017

We find ourselves staring into the abyss and judging artwork like Wilson Fisk on this week’s episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast.  In the news this week, our leader The Marvelous Iggy who hates Alex Ross leads Bry-Bry and Tazer— the triumphant return worthy of a painting— into the upper echelons of society to judge the latest announcement from Marvel of the seemingly Alex Ross-helmed GENERATIONS event due out in Summer 2017, the rumor that Kerry Washington is the frontrunner for playing Neena a.k.a. Domino in DEADPOOL 2, and Bry-Bry and Tazer get abstract as they discuss the pilot episode of FX’s LEGION.  Meanwhile, the Warriors Three crack open the pages of these illustrated tomes and criticize: Tazer disapproves of the reinterpretation of The Collector, but enjoys the guest stints of other artists, in The Unworthy Thor #4, Bry-Bry thinks Ron Garney is a sham in Daredevil #17, and Iggy praises Frazier Irving’s work in Doctor Strange #17!  As we find this new setting a little drab for our refined tastes and we place to relocate, we advise that you subscribe to us, we tastemakers, on iTunes in order to keep up with everything Marvel-related. We also ask that you give us 5 stars and leave a kind word in review; all the cool kids are doing it.  In the meantime, we leave you to better yourselves through our eyes, and stay marvelous!