Episode #273 Black & Tan

7 03 2018

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Greetings, salutations – welcome to the latest edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, now with 100% less white people, because there isn’t any problem that can’t be solved by removing the resident white boys from a situation. Yes, while Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon is off flippin’ them burgers and resident newsie/whipping boy Bry-Bry is off by himself in the cold and the dark of a New England winter storm, it’s just the glorious leader, the Marvelous Iggy a.k.a. Ben, and the world’s most frequent part-time host Tazer to take the reins and guide this show to glory! In the news this week, they seem to be off to a good start with praise to Robert Downey, Jr as Avengers: Infinity War has been bumped-up the release schedule a week earlier than anticipated – worldwide! Huzzah! But will it be soon enough for The Man? The Warriors address the failing health of Marvel’s most iconic creator Stan Lee, elder of the Marvel Universe. And finally, Iggy and Tazer discuss the forthcoming reboot and – wait, didn’t we cover this reboot news already? …Yeah, like a year or so ago? …This is a new one? Another one? Again? Sheesh, alright, ANOTHER reboot coming your way and the boys discuss some of the prospective titles. Meanwhile, in reviews, The Marvelous One rides solo in reviewing Infinity Countdown: Prime #1! That’s our show for this week, folks! Be sure to follow us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, follow us on Twitter , subscribe to us on iTunes, and perhaps rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review! Next week, with some (and only some, as stressed by our glorious leader) acknowledgement of New York City’s most troubled superpowered P.I. and her second season, we’ll hopefully be back to full strength! Stay tuned, and stay strong Stan.


Mighty Warriors Three: Black Panther Special Review

21 02 2018

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the special edition review of the cultural phenomon that is Marvel’s Black Panther, right here with the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! Our glorious king, the Marvelous Iggy a.k.a. Ben, leads the way with his precocious ward Bry-Bry, his spiritual advisor Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon-Jon, and his wizened naysayer and our credibility for this review, Tazer – now 100% blacker for seeing this movie! We delve into the riches of this movie, both on a narrative level as well as a culturally, discuss the odd negative point which proves to be the exception, not the rule, and imagine the future of the Black Panther franchise and the MCU with King T’Challa finding his place in the circle of life. As we no doubt plan to see this kovue a second or third time, why don’t you follow us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, follow us on Twitter , subscribe to us on iTunes, and perhaps rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review! Next week, we’re back to basics. Until then, dear listeners, stay marvelous and Wakanda forever!


Episode #272: Fly Phoenix Fly!

8 02 2018

Risin’ up, back on the streets… Oh, we’re back, baby! Returning to our standard format for the first time in 2018, it’s the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast – and we’re flyin’ like an eagle into the – wait a second, why are we making so many references to eagles? Did something happen? Why does Bry-Bry appear to be unimaginably salty? Who can say? That won’t stop our glorious leader The Marvelous One, Iggy, from turning the screws, though, as Tazer laughs along and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon, begrudgingly, offers some sympathy. Pain and suffering aside, we delve into the latest news fit to print: We talk about the trailer for the next anticipated installment in the MCU, Ant-Man and the Wasp, we discuss the latest images from the set of Captain Marvel and discuss if her costume is hot or not, and lastly Ben sings the swan song- happily- of Dan Slott’s tenure as the head honcho of the Spider-Man line of comics in Marvel editorial. In reviews, meanwhile, Bry-Bry evaluates Old Man Hawkeye #1 and discusses what promises the book holds compared to Old Man Logan, Tazer wonders if Moon Girl is as smart as she thinks she is in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #27, Jon-Jon takes the lead with Bry-Bry occasionally jumping in, a regular Ben Grimm-and-Johnny Storm combo, to discuss the modern-day greatness of Marvel Two-in-One #1 and #2, and finally Iggy sends us off with a fiery finale reviewing X-Men: Phoenix Resurrection – the whole series! Believe me, he makes the time count as there doesn’t seem to be much there. And hey – more bird references! While Bry-Bry picks himself up from crying in the corner, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes, and maybe rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review! Next time, we take a Wakanda wild side… I’m so, so terribly sorry for that pun.

Mighty Warriors Three: The Punisher Special Review

26 01 2018

Locked, loaded, and ready to go – the Mighty Warriors Three are back from their holiday hiatus, and they’re packing doozy of an episode! It’s the much delayed review of Marvel and Netflix’s The Punisher series! The Marvelous Iggy, Newsboy Bry-Bry, and Tazer all reunite while Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon is spending some time off the grid. They wade into the muck to dissect the good, the bad, and the downright ugly from the latest installment in the Defenders ‘verse. What did the Warriors think? Did they love it? Did they loathe it? What did they think of Micro’s bubble butt? Fire-up the episode and find out! While you’re listening in, don’t forget to like The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes, abd remember to rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review. Next week, it’s back to basics, but it’s good to be back!

Episode #271: Happy Little Blood Rain

29 11 2017

Hello, I’m Bry-Bry, and I’d like to welcome you to the two hundred and seventy-first episode of The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast. If this is your first time tuning in, I’d like to extend a personal invitation to you, to follow along as the Marvelous Iggy, Tazer, and I guide you through the all the news worth talking about – of course, that doesn’t mean some news isn’t as important as others, but we’ll just call that secret news, and it’ll be our little secret. Now then, we’re gonna quickly run through our discussion topics today: we have a smattering of delightful topics to discuss, such as C. B. Cebulski rising to the top of Marvel Comics as Editor-in-Chief, the vividly Joy of Painting-inspired Deadpool 2 teaser trailer, the announcement of X-Men: Red featuring the vivacious Jean Grey with the talented Tom Taylor writing and Mahmud Asrar illustrating, and the unfortunate news that there likely won’t be any further Marvel shows on Netflix – that bit of news makes me feel like a sad, little cloud. But its okay to feel sad sometimes, and its our world we create, and we can create any feeling we want, and so we create happy feelings in reviews this week as Tazer talks about the lovely natural setting of Hawaii whilst reviewing Marvel’s The Inhumans television series, Benjamin discusses happy little animals and trickster gods while reviewing Doctor Strange #381, brought to gorgeous life by Gabriel Walta, and Bry-Bry marvels at how Thanos and the Ghost Rider make it rain such a warm, vibrant shade of crimson red blood from the heavens in Thanos #13. With that, I think we just about have a finished podcast – but before we say good-bye, we ask that you find our not-so-secret Facebook page at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes to fill your life with happy, little podcast episodes, and rate us favorably and leave a kind word in review for all the joy we bring you. Join us again in two weeks when we let happy little bullets fly as we review Marvel & Netflix’s (perhaps swan song series) The Punisher. Until then, thank you so much for listening, happy podcasting, and may Lady Death bless you, my friends.

Might Warriors Three Special Review: Thor: Ragnarok

15 11 2017

Welcome, one and all, as we drive our ships to new lands in this special edition review of Thor: Ragnarok, brought to you by the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! As the Warriors gather in Asgard for what may be the last time, The Marvelous Iggy, a.k.a. Ben, leads the charge of his crew, Bry-Bry, Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon, the one known only as Tazer, and a stowaway aboard this episode: KUHAN, old friend of the podcast and connoisseur of fine audio programming himself, leaps into the fray and joins the Mighty Warriors Three on what could be their last ride! Settle in, dearly departed of Asgard, and the Warrioes discuss what went over well in this latest installment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what perhaps could’ve used a second pass, and we talk about how a film about the end can still affect the future. Climb aboard, dear listener, and as we prepare for departure, please don’t forget to like us and follow us on Facebook at The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribe to us on iTunes, and perhaps rate us favorably and leave a kind word in reviews before we float on into the afterlife. Next week, it’s back to basics before we seek punishment against the guilty…

Episode #270: Make Comics, Not War

1 11 2017

WAR! Huh! What is it good for? …Well, if you’re the Punisher or War Thor, it’s good for quite a bit – and we discuss all those nasty little bits (and pieces) on this new episode of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast! In the news this week, Gen. Igglestein leads his loyal troops- drummer boy Bry-Bry and conscientious objector Tazer- into the fray, down a full complement without that deserter Ol’Man Man Whirlyburger Jon. The men are in talks over the combination of IMAX and the Inhumans which went full FUBAR, we talk about that old war dog Frank Castle, the Punisher, inheriting the War Machine armor from Nick Fury in the former’s new Marvel Legacy title, and the talks for a man known as Mendelsohn to take over the villainous lead role in Captain Marvel. In reviews, the Warriors put the hammer down on The Mighty Thor #700, a Legacy anniversary issue in which Tazer is upset over false advertising of SIMONSON! In individual reviews, Ben enjoys watching someone else’s pain in All-New Wolverine #26, Ben laments Tazer’s taste in art in Cable #150, and Bry-Bry gives a spy’s goodbye, even if it’s a bit underwhelming, in Nick Fury #6. With that, we start playing taps as the episode draws to a close. As we pause for a moment, dear listener, please consider liking our Facebook page at the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, subscribing to us on iTunes, and rate us favorably and perhaps consider leaving a kind word in reviews. As the war marches on, we raise our hammers once more and, in the name of SIMONSON, we charge headlong against Surtur in our review of Thor: Ragnarok, coming in 2 weeks!